The construction of rural housing collapse caused by 1 dead and 5 injured as much for state compensa magicq

The construction of rural housing collapse caused 1 dead 5 injured: as for state compensation with the 3 layer of the original title: Official notification! Zhengzhou guxing town villagers stamped housing collapse caused by 1 dead and 5 injured today (October 9th) morning, Zhengzhou Gu Ying Zhen Ji Gong Miao Cha He Cun, a village houses, houses suddenly collapse, many people were buried. The official this afternoon, Zhengzhou guxing town government released to the outside world about Ji Gong Miao Village six groups of houses collapsed and the description of the situation. After the incident, the town government organization staff, fire brigade, 120 emergency personnel and police rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. At present, the incident caused 1 dead and 5 injured, the injured have been rushed to hospital for treatment, signs smooth, no life-threatening. Police have been involved in the investigation, while the rehabilitation work is being carried out. This morning at about 10, Zhengzhou Gu Ying Zhen Ji Gong Miao Cun Wei Cha He Cun, a village houses, houses suddenly collapse, causing many injuries. According to local villagers, the villagers, as for state compensation, please affix houses, stamped to third layers, the floor suddenly drop, at the two floor, caused by the collapse of the housing, the number of construction workers were buried. Source: great river network editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章:

The mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning incident in the use of natural gas winbook

The mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning incident in the use of natural gas original title: mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, the scene more than 6 o’clock in the morning, Dongcheng District No. 15 bright floor three floor, a pair of mother and daughter poisoning. Although kind-hearted people to help lift the two men from the upstairs, but the mother and daughter have no vital signs of the two. Currently, the police involved in the investigation. Yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, the mother and daughter have been poisoning 999 emergency vehicles. Another woman’s roommate was also taken away by the police to assist in the investigation. The accident of the house locked the door, which no one answered. According to the courier company near the courier said, at 6:30 in the morning, they are finishing courier, suddenly saw a more than and 30 year old woman ran down from the top of the floor of the 15. She cried and cried ‘help’, we ran to help. There was a smell of gas in a room on the three floor, an adult and a little girl lying on the bed. She was already in a panic and didn’t know what to do." The courier Wang told reporters, heard the woman for help, he did not think, ran to the three floor, room two people found out, with a massive one to go out. "I called them, but none of the two men had a heavy gas smell in the room." Wang said that in other colleagues came to help, they will be two people downstairs. But Wang said the incident was not found in the furnace room. "Very quickly save to the car, but they seem to have. The doctor worked hard for a moment, and put two people in a plastic bag." Wang said that the woman called for help is a mother and daughter, she is a woman’s sister, three people rented in a house. "As to why we’re poisoned, we don’t know". The reporter learned from the building of other tenants, the accident of women 36 years old this year, is rented here only recently. Daughter 12 years old, in junior high school. It’s a pity that such a small child." Neighbors regret to say. Reporters learned from the 999 emergency doctors, the mother and daughter are carbon monoxide poisoning. But the building is the use of natural gas, also do not know the neighbors of the households is what produces carbon monoxide. Currently, the police involved in the investigation, the case is being further processed. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章:

Awesome, Taiwan rescue kidnapped crew has chosen to ignore the Sohu news media brock lesnar

Awesome, rescue the kidnapped crew Taiwan Taiwan media has chosen to ignore the Sohu news on the morning of 25 hijacked by Somali pirates Oman Ji Taiwan fishing boat "NAHAM 3", the 9 rescued crew (Chinese, 8 people, 1 people in Taiwan security) arrived in Guangzhou. Although Taiwan authorities hope Taiwanese crew Shen Ruizhang directly back to the island, but he was willing to return to the mainland with the mainland crew. According to WeChat, the public side (ID:bianyizu) reported on October 25th, Shen Ruizhang told the then leader Ma Ying-Jeou for help, but to "beyond the scope of the government refused a request. While the mainland in the rescue process played a key role, such as the Taiwan Affairs Office to help contact China Red Cross donations, so to Hongkong funded enterprises raised the ransom. In addition, the mainland is also actively communicate with the families of the crew in Taiwan, multi run, in the military has also provided assistance. However, active rescue efforts in the Taiwan media is ignored in most eyes, even a dark green media praised us to take decisive action to rescue people’s deeds. The following is the original article: 4 years, 7 months! Five flavors mixed Chen, has just been released by pirates of the Taiwan crew Shen Ruizhang arrived in Guangzhou on the 25, so describe their feelings. Work in the fishing boat he was kidnapped during the past 5 years, the Taiwan authorities did not beg, and finally play a key role in the mainland, the United International forces will he and 25 crew members were rescued. Hijacked by pirates, Taiwan Shen Ruizhang (in) the crew were rescued, according to the wishes of the first arrived in Guangzhou from Taiwan Oman registered "Naham3" in March 26, 2012, ocean fishing vessel hijacked by Somali pirates in India, 29 people on board, including the captain and chief engineer Zhong Huide Shen Ruizhang of two Taiwanese, 10 mainland crew members. The pirate captain was shot dead, a, and a crew in Indonesia during this period died, only 26 hostages. Hijacked Oman from Taiwan fishing vessel "Naham3" this time, only drink a litre of water every day, and forced to eat mice for a living". Shen Ruizhang tied in more than two years later, when Ma Ying-Jeou was through video requires government to require the shipowner Hong Kaohsiung. Shen family in 2014 to the "Legislative Yuan" Cai Zhengyuan for help, Cai Zhengyuan first is turning to the Malaysian government. But the horse government at that time, the complexity of things beyond the government’s ability to reject Cai Zhengyuan. Cai had found the international hostage support partner organizations (HSP) and the bargaining price adjustment, the middle 6 pirates. According to media reports, Cai Zhengyuan to the three business platform to raise the ransom, about pay $3 million before the final redemption hostage. According to media reports, China played a key role in the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council to help contact Chinese Red Cross donations, so to Hongkong funded enterprises raised the ransom. In addition, the land is also actively communicate with the families of the crew in Taiwan, multi running. Last March, the ARATS Deputy Secretary General Wang Xiaobing met with the Shen Ruizhang family secret in Taiwan, and discuss the matter with the ransom and rescue the owner to discuss. 2, etc.相关的主题文章:

Envy this child’s good, he can understand the mother after maternal shame – Sohu 三色网

Envy this child’s good, he can understand the mother felt a very nice old sister to Sohu maternal unit friends in the unit, more than ten years, veteran figure, so there are a lot of things about the old elder sister, elder sister is an only child, looks handsome is particularly good, graduation in a famous University, school finance, give people a few years, and entrepreneurship. Many people in the unit are very envious of the old sister has such a good son, the unit of the people are particularly interested in him, so often let the eldest sister to tell something about his son. Old sister son don’t speak now, often say son when something, many small things all remember very clearly, sometimes also specific to the day, let a person very admire old elder sister elder sister memory, is not a good memory, just because she is a good mother. But the son elder sister had paid a lot of hard work, not ordinary people can do, the old sister had worked very well and also their love, the salary is very good, but after the birth of his son, decided to resign at home to fling caution to the winds, the heart of care for their children, until after the son of primary school to go to work. Old sister is Kochi molecules, have children, more is to read a lot of educational books, consulted around a lot of friends, they are trying to learn, devote to cultivate children, to children in primary school in all aspects of performance is very good, then come back to the eldest sister work. In the world of Jewish women’s unemployment rate is the highest, or the employment rate, not because there is no skill or proficiency in a particular line, instead of these women most degree is very high, because there are children, many women quit her job at home to concentrate on the cultivation of children. Of course not respected in this kind of education, but the child by the mother of education, but also the effect of Kochi, naturally not too bad. Sometimes, we only see their child is good, but can not see the people behind the parents to cultivate children’s good, there are too many reasons, natural IQ is indeed accounted for a big factor, but also from the parents’ genetic character will be part of the same, but the environment is important, can destroy the environment but one can also make a person, some parents work every day every day no matter how tired, will take time to talk about the story and children to accompany the child to sleep, some parents will often find some interesting games in one family with children playing, some parents in order to let the children know the truth at some parents they harass the people and waste money. Too hard to let the children a good school……. Excellence is created by children, but the parents around the environment can be around a little. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting puzzles, please pay attention to the WeChat public number: parenting!相关的主题文章:

[Rui Rui reading diary 14] deformation of the police car will walk Snowman – Sohu maternal and child carmex润唇膏

[14] Rachel reading diary "the police will walk the small deformation of the snowman" – Sohu [] reading classic books on child, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to the classic picture book reading, search (jingdianhuibenyuedu), attention! Rachel [14] reading diary "deformation · I will protect the police Polly; my own", before going to the library building named to the book. Children safe travel self-help books, away from the traffic accident. A total of 5 copies, phonetic reading, reading last night walking "snowman", because love is love car, with the car all the books related to: Mom alone) to facilitate the exchange of personal micro signal: ruiruimm123 oh! The picture book appreciation (excerpt) (end) five year old boy’s mother, to recommend good books for the entrance, pay attention to the parent-child reading, parenting, marriage and family. 1, the number of public concern WeChat (the classic picture book reading: jingdianhuibenyuedu), the preferred reading parenting articles, listen to a children’s story of audio, free download massive parenting resources; 2, the number of public concern WeChat (Rui Ma picture: ruimahuiben), Ma Rui original article, Ruirui reading diary every day update. 3, contact the Swiss mother (1) ruiruimm123 (2): WeChat personal QQ: Rui mother parent-child reading group 177765168 (3) WeChat group swiss mother reading two-dimensional code: please give the public number " the classic picture book reading " reply "WeChat group" three words, you can receive a two-dimensional code scanning group, mobile phone application. Group. (4) Himalaya radio: Rui mother parenting Channel – a variety of children’s information free download listen, welcome attention! Massive free resources include: the smarties picture book, Carmela, peppa pig, rat boy, good lovely child’s life, parents decided to tiger, the magic school bus, idioms, Dora, journey to the West and the Green fairy tales, Baba dad, Bobby bear and Liao Caixing books and e-books, books and e-books, Wang Pei? The world classic books Cui Yutao Disney video, e-books, parenting, English, Magic English LEGO Dr. Seuss, little Newton, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Zheng Yuqiao parenting, mice, not Thomas, Bobo, surnames, brother cuckoo, filial piety, Confucius, QianZiWen, three character classic, Masuhiro Xian, five thousand years of history, Harry, Potter, Gong Chinese characters on some chanting, foreign celebrity stories, children’s literature, Sean, and lamb joy learn oral English, new concept English, learning and thinking And think of Cambridge children English, Wu sister tell historical stories, Lego play and drawings Daquan, Christmas songs and movies, Wee Sing, Tsinghua children’s English, frozen picture books, New Oriental Cambridge children English, train baby, BBC security education cartoons…… Massive parenting video, audio and e-books. Please pay attention to the public, WeChat (classic picture book reading: jingdianhu!相关的主题文章:

Quest Mudu collection mutton hall, what to eat lamb feast – Sohu travel

Quest Mudu collection mutton hall, what to eat lamb feast? Sohu – tourism Mudu town is not big, but he does have a place to Qianlong six. In addition, in a great place and a famous delicacy Mudu, a collection of mutton delicacy street, gathered more than and 50 mutton restaurant in Suzhou, almost no one I do not know, a street, large and small collection of mutton not dozens. Old Qing Tai is regarded as the largest collection of books, the oldest, but also the story of the most mutton museum. Look at this dish, in the end is what? Haggis soup boil very fresh blood. Several ways of mutton are very fresh, no smell of mutton, eat very satisfied. Sheep fried leek very well with rice dish, I said is the first time to eat. Various parts of lamb meat sheep made of fried braised braised mutton, mutton stew has very good heat, just good, tasty and no smell. Mutton Boiled dumplings, gently bite, juice out. Roast lamb exclusive Giori tender, sanxialiangxia we ate. Sheep, with special sauce, delicious. Mutton balls made of sheep are freshly killed, do mutton pill is authentic, lamb is really delicious, no smell. This store is Shantangjie Street’s oldest hotpot restaurant, the environment is very general, but the smell of mutton is very good. Mutton is a real lamb, milk white lamb soup looked at appetite. The mutton in the mutton is very bad, the feeling of the entrance. Such a table full of sheep feast, you know how much money? 799 yuan, how to price?相关的主题文章: